About "Time"

It’s time to eat better. That desire is what inspired me to start this blog. By better, I don’t necessarily mean all tofu, flax seeds and leafy greens -- though I do enjoy those things. I mean old-fashioned “slow food” like my great-grandmothers cooked on the farm. For me, good eating is local, sustainable, flavorful and free from artificial additives, preservatives and Lord knows what concocted in a lab somewhere. I try to stay informed and do my best. (My downfall? Sweets!!)

It’s time to ask questions. Where do my ingredients come from? What’s the history of this dish? Where did this food tradition come from? How do food traditions influence who we are? These are the types of questions I ask and often explore. I love history, culture, cookbooks, straying from recipes and experimenting with ingredients – and love to share that with you.

It’s time for family. I have a wonderful family who loves to eat. Food is the foundation of so many fond memories of growing up in a Southern kitchen. Gathering around a pan of biscuits fresh from the oven, licking cake batter off the beaters, picking vegetables in the garden and sitting around the table sharing a meal every night – these are some of my favorite food memories and traditions I want to carry on with my two boys. Much of what you'll see here is what we eat for dinner -- so pardon the ugly photos at times. Sometimes I'm just too busy to "stage." We've gotta eat!

Food, Family, Explorations ...
it’s Time for Good Food.