Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Looking Back - The Class of 2011

Happy 2012! The photo above is from a cake we cut my with in-laws in keeping with Greek tradition. My father-in-law got it at a wonderful Greek bakery in Atlanta. I did not make it! It's a simple spice cake with a powdered sugar icing. There's a lucky coin hidden in it somewhere and we've yet to find it. Of course, whoever finds it will have extra good luck in the coming year. 

I love January because it seems that everyone is a bit more optimistic and excited about the possibilities the future holds. People hit the gym, take on new project, seek to mend broken relationships, vow to break bad habits and the list goes on. (Of course, we won’t talk about February when some of those resolutions have gone to the wayside!) No, I’m going to jump on the positive “life is what you make it” bandwagon and ride it as long as I can!

This blog started a year ago out of new year’s inspiration and I’m quite proud that I kept it going. You would think it would be an easy thing to sit down and write some stuff, take a few photos and send it out to the world, but it’s much harder than I ever thought. The hardest part for me is the push and pull I feel from my other “jobs” – paid professional writer, school and church volunteer, wife and mother.  There’s always a load of laundry, a fight to referee, someone who wants me to volunteer for something – and of course a meal to cook and a mess to clean! Nonetheless, one of my vows is to make more time for this blog – my writing therapy, I call it. I’m so happy that you all have found me and are interested in what I have to say. There are so many distractions out there in this great big world of ours – and I’m so happy you have taken the time to read these words.  I have a month of fun posts planned that will culminate in a giveaway to celebrate Time for Good Food’s one-year “blogiversary.” Stay tuned!

Before I get to all that, let’s take a walk down “memory lane.” January is also a time to reflect on the past year. I thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of my favorite posts – especially for those of you who may be new to the site. For fun, I’ve elected my “Class of 2011 Superlatives.” These are the coolest kids in class, so you should definitely check them out! J

– Most Popular and Most Athletic –

This revelation on my redneck childhood gets the most “hits” by far. A must-read if you’ve ever pondered cooking a squirrel. This post was also voted “Most Athletic” because it takes a good deal of athletic prowess to chase down a speedy squirrel.  (Plus, we we all know the most popular kids were always the jocks!)

 – Most Intelligent –

It is certainly most intelligent to support your local food movement. This post contains links to organizations that support farmers and organic foods, particularly here in Georgia. Yeah, this one's a nerd.

– Most Likely to Succeed 

You will win friends and go places if you know how to make a good Southern tea cake. My second most popular post.

– Funniest – 

A tongue-in-cheek “reimagining” of Kate and Will’s Southern style wedding. Like Harry, definitely the class clown!

– Most Talented –

Reflecting on my time in the kitchen with my mom (who was voted “Most Talented” back in her day) and truly the most talented person I’ve ever known. This post is certainly closest to my heart.

– Most Attractive –

St. Simon’s Island gets the prize for being the most beautiful place I have visited this year. I’m also pretty pleased with my photos in this post. A sign that my fledgling photography skills are improving!

– Most Dependable –

My mama’s banana pudding will not let you down. If meringue scares you, just top it with whipped cream!

– Best All Around –
Yet to come ...

Happy New Year and may be a wonderful year for you!


  1. Hey! Do you live in GA? I'm just south of St. Simon's Island...

  2. @Jen - Yes, I'm in Atlanta. I love St. Simon's!